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Thank you for your interest in advertising on Eye Influence

Eye Influence is an independent nonprofit organization which provides eye care and eyewear product reviews, product comparisons, eye care tips, workshops, tutorials, optician training, ophthalmic assistant training and much more.

Our followers are tech savvy millennials that do the vast majority of their shopping online and learn about new products via social media.  There are many eye care and eyewear products/services available directly to consumer online but we have found that most consumers are overwhelmed with marketing campaigns and are looking for a professional, unbiased opinion to guide them.

What we can do for your brand?

If you're an eyewear designer, eye care product manufacturer, optical boutique or physicians office, Eye Influence offers many advertising and sponsorship options that will help you extend your online presence and contribute to the support of our our mission to provide everyone with honest eye care resources.  Here are just a few options we offer.

  • Product/Service Reviews

  • Banner Advertising

  • Giveaways

  • Sponsored content

Our YouTube channel, Instagram profile and Blog Articles reach thousands of people every month.

If you are interested in advertising on Eye Influence you can contact us via email at

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