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Christopher Cloos Sunglasses

Spring/Summer 2018

Christopher Cloos Passable
Christopher Cloos Passable
Oliver Wearing Christopher Cloos
Oliver Wearing Christopher Cloos
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New eyewear companies intrigue me because as someone that's been in this business for a while I know how hard it is to stand out and make something that people will purchase over a brand they are familiar with.  When I heard about a frame company that, at the time, only had two styles and had one of the founders going store to store to show their product, my curiosity grew.

Impressive Presentation:

When ordering sunglasses, or any glasses for that matter, your attention isn't typically grabbed by the case.  They are usually quite basic and traditional with very little design elements.  This wasn't the case with Christopher Cloos (no pun intended there).

The leather case was different and ... I liked it.  It's simple yet you get the feeling that time and thought was put into this commonly forgotten element.

Though it's not going to keep the glasses from getting smashed, the thickness of the leather will surely protect the frame and lenses from getting scratched.  Overall I've been happy with it.

The Frames:

After being pleasantly surprised by the case I was expecting nothing less from the sunglasses themselves; thankfully they didn't let me down.

My frame was model Passable in color Espresso and I could tell right away that the designers are the type of people that care about details that 99% of consumers wouldn't even notice.  The gold color text printed on the temple and writing "hand finished" on the metal that resides within the temple are subtle signs that Christopher Cloos wants you to remember them.

The Fit:

The Passable is listed as a one size fits all but I had my doubts.  I normally wear between a 56-57 eye size and the Passable is a 49.  It couldn't possible fit my big head... could it?  Well, it did.

It didn't just fit, it was comfortable too.  The keyhole bridge adds to the classic style but it also has a universal fit which should allow just about anyone, regardless of your bridge type, to feel comfortable with this frame.

I wore it during a day out with the family in San Francisco and I never felt any discomfort on my ears, temple area or nose.

The Lenses:

On a typical San Francisco day your can quickly go from fog and overcast skies to burst of sunlight and blue heavens above.  My day in The City was no different.

The lenses on my Christopher Cloos frames were polarized with a green (G-15) color to them.  I didn't plan it this way but this combination was ideal for the conditions I found myself in.  The polarization helped cut the glare from the water when I went to Ocean Beach and the green color provided the right amount of contrast and light reduction.  The green color also complimented the tortoise shell color my frame had so it was win-win.

I was wearing contacts for my day trip but for those of you that need prescription lenses you're in luck, Christopher Cloos frames can be mounted with prescription.  

In Conclusion:

I hope that Christopher Cloos has new styles and selection coming out soon because that's the only thing they are missing.  They did a great job with the case, frame and lenses; now it's time to expand.  If you're in the market for a quality set of sunglasses for everyday use you can't go wrong with Christopher Cloos.

About the author

Oliver has worked in the eye care industry for over 15 years.  He loves spending time with his family, playing music and watching the Golden State Warriors.

Oliver is the founder of Eye Influence

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