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Felix Gray Jemison

Spring/Summer 2018

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If you're doing research on computer glasses chances are you've come across Felix Gray.  They're growing quickly in popularity and rightfully so.  There are almost uncountable options in the computer eyewear market but there are only a few that I personally recommend; Felix Gray is one of them.


Felix Gray offers around 7 stylish frame choices but my personal favorite is the Jemison.  Partially because it's a frame that fits my large head but also because it's modern and trendy with a vintage touch when ordered in color Whiskey Tortoise.

The plastic Felix Gray used is the same quality that you would find in frames used for prescription.  In fact, to the best of my knowledge, all Felix Gray frames are now available to order with your custom prescription.  (I'll touch on this a little later.)

The Fit:

I tested the Jemison out for a couple days before doing the review and during that time the frame felt comfortable on my bridge, temples and ears.  They didn't loosen up or stretch out so I expect them to hold their fit for a while before needing any adjustment.

The Lenses:

Perhaps my favorite feature across the entire Felix Gray collection is the lenses.  Computer glasses can sometimes have a noticeable amber color on the lens and it makes for some interesting comments.  "What's wrong with your lenses?" is one of the most common.  Thankfully, Felix Gray lenses are almost colorless so the only comment you'll get is "Hey, are those new glasses?"

The Anti-Glare coating is what you'd expect from a $95 set of non-prescription glasses.  They clean easily, reduce glare and there is just a slight pinkish/blue color to it.  This is normal for computer glasses  since a good portion of blue light is bounced off the front of the lenses via the anti-glare coating.  It's just enough do the job (BPF 50) but not enough to be the main focus of your glasses.

Another great part of Felix Gray lenses is that you can have them made with your own custom prescription.  So if you had your eyes checked and you need some correction Felix Gray has got you covered.  You'll get the same great blue light filtering lenses with your prescription for $145.

In Conclusion:

I often tell my friends and patients to look into Felix Gray because I trust their frame and lens quality, flexible prescription options and frame selection.  7 styles isn't a lot but i'm sure more are on the way.  So, if you're in the market for a set of high quality computer glasses, or even if you're looking for a new set of prescription glasses, you should really look at Felix Gray.

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Oliver has worked in the eye care industry for over 15 years.  He loves spending time with his family, playing music and watching the Golden State Warriors.

Oliver is the founder of Eye Influence

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