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Felix Gray Introduces Sleep Glasses

Updated: May 21, 2019

Over the past 3-4 years I have witnessed a steady increase in products which took aim at the growing Digital Eye Strain epidemic. We are still in the early stages of truly understanding the long-term effects of over exposure to high energy visible light, aka harmful blue light, and the more I educate myself on this topic, the more I realized we need to do a better job of addressing this issue.

Felix Gray has been the eyewear company that I refer people to the most. Reason being, I've found them to be the most transparent and purposeful computer eyewear manufacturer on the market today. Felix Gray was built from the ground up as a company determined to help people that are suffering with the various symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome.

Today, Felix Gray announced a new option called Sleep Glasses.

Felix Gray Jemison Black Sleep Glasses

Pictured: Felix Gray Jemison with new Sleep lenses. Image borrowed from Felix Gray (©Felix Gray) Click here for image source



With the introduction of the Sleep Glasses, Felix Gray now has 3 lens options:

Felix Gray Jemison with clear lenses


Offering the clearest lens in the Felix Gray lineup, these lenses block 50% of harmful blue light in the 380-500nm range.

Felix Gray Jemison with Sleep lenses

Sleep Glasses

Turning the BPF notch up to 59%, Sleep Glasses target the 440-500nm range, which is why the lenses have a more noticeable tint to the lens.

Felix Gray Jemison with Polarized lenses


For outdoor protection, Felix Gray Sunglass lenses provide you with a glare reducing Polarized lens and a backside Anti-Reflective coating to reduce light from bouncing off the back of the lens and back towards your eyes.

Digital Eye Strain has many symptoms and there is no "one size fits all" approach or product. According to a 2018 Nielsen Report, Adults spend nearly 11 hours a day on digital devices but everyone has a different routine and consumption rate. Some work on spreadsheets, others play video games, some stare at small text all day, while others view images. The only thing we all seem to have in common is the fact that our eyes are paying the price. This is why, I believe, Felix Gray introduced the Sleeping lens into their collection.

If you need the highest level color accuracy with blue light protection, Felix Gray has their standard lens option for you. If you're on a digital device until the minute before you go to bed, the Sleeping lenses are an ideal choice. As for the Sunglasses, well, everyone can benefit from a high quality set of sunglasses so that doesn't need much explaining.



As if 3 BPF options wasn't enough, Felix Gray also gives you extra ways to customize the lenses to your needs.

These option, available for all lens types, are as follows:

  • Plano (Non-Prescription)

  • Slight Magnification (+.25)

  • Reading Magnification

  • Custom Prescription


If you've recently had an eye exam and your doctor concluded that there is no need for glasses, the Plano option is a good choice for you.

Slight Magnification

Upon selecting the "Non-prescription" button on the lens options page, you will have the option of having a +.25 magnification in the lenses. It's a low power, almost unnoticeable to most wearers, but it helps relieve eye strain by encouraging your eyes stay converged. This is a natural occurrence when we focus on something up close, but holding your eyes in that position for hours at a time is what causes the eye muscles to fatigue.

I personally like to recommend this option for people that are having difficulty focusing and are experiencing extreme eye fatigue and strain.

Read More About How Computer Glasses Work Here

Reading Magnification

If you currently wear over the counter reading glasses, Felix Gray has a few power options available for you: +1.00, +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50.

Custom Prescription

If you have a written glasses prescription from your eye doctor, Felix Gray can make your glasses based on that Rx using any of their various BPF options.



Much like there are certain shoes better suited for certain seasons, the same goes for eyewear. The most versatile option is the original "eyewear" lens which has the least amount of color. I've personally worn these lenses all day and I absolutely love them.

I will say that more and more of us are spending late evening hours on digital devices and studies have proven that the worst time of the day for blue light exposure is right before bedtime. Knowing this, I can see the Sleep Glasses finding a place on my desk at home to be used during late night video editing and blog writing.

There is something for everyone and in my experience the Felix Gray team has always been willing and able to answer all my questions, I'm confident they will do the same for you if you have questions regarding which option is the best for you.

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