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The Values That Define Us

10 months ago we started something special. We didn’t have a precise destination at the time, but it was clear that TVFH Content & Eye Influence had a purpose. There have been challenges, many questions without exact answers and numerous moments of doubt. Nonetheless, here we are. The initial torrential storm has passed and we find ourselves afloat and making progress with the wind in our sails.

Our subscribers and followers have been increasing steadily with each piece of new content that we release. Even companies have started to take notice and collaborations are being discussed daily. There are lots of exciting things to come in the near future and we can’t wait to share them with you.

There is one thing that we wanted to firmly establish in these early stages; the fundamental values that kept the dream alive during critical times. They are, to give more than we receive, to encourage and motivate, to empower and educate; all for the sake of helping others. We will not sacrifice these values in order to make a buck, gain followers or rank higher. We think it’s best to lay this out now so that potential followers and collaborators know what we stand for up front.

With that being said, we hope you’ll continue to join us and become a part of something special. Every like, follow, tag, share, comment and subscription has value and we appreciate each one.

Thank you for reading. Have an awesome day!

Oliver Torres

Founder, The View From Here, LLC

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