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VR Headsets With Blue Light Filter

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Destek Eye Influence Blog

If you're thinking about getting a VR headset for yourself or as a gift, you should seriously consider getting one that has a blue light filter built in. There is currently no final say on the long term negative effects of HEV light (High Energy Visible light) but there is enough data to show that we should be taking precautionary measures.

Here are a few VR headset that have blue light filters built into the lens.

1. Destek V4 VR Headset

I have personally tested this unit and found it to be a the best value. It's priced well, fits comfortably, the conductive touch button is compatible with iOS devices and it's pretty light.

I had no trouble fitting my iPhone 7plus in the holder and the blue light filter had no effect on the image color.

This unit is compatible with Google Cardboard

2. VR Empire VR Headset

Though not rated as highly as the Destek headset, the VR Empire headset seems to accommodate all "plus" sized smartphones and they even come with headphones.

Some of the reviewers complained about the inability to wear prescription glasses with this unit. If you're a glasses wearing then this may not be the right choice. Nonetheless, I wouldn't consider this a deal breaker.

This unit does not natively support Google Cardboard.

3. LOFS VR 3D This seems to be newly listed on Amazon because there are only 2 reviews. It's not as attractive as the other options (as if VR headsets could ever be attractive) but it's under $30 and LOFS sells other cell phone accessories through amazon as well.

There is no mention of Google Cardboard compatibility so don't get this unit if you need that.

It's just a matter of time before all VR headsets come with blue light filters but until then you have three choices; either purchase a headset with a blue light filter built in, purchase a blue light filter for your smartphone or purchase blue light filter eyewear and wear that under the headset. The latter would be the most uncomfortable but for it may be the best choice for some.

Here are a few filters you can place on your smartphone:

Please select your device:

iPhone 7/7s/8 Plus

iPhone 6/6s Plus

There are currently no recommended blue light filters pre-manufactured for modern Samsung Galaxy and Note devices. Sorry. Must be due to the infinity display.

Here are popular eyewear options:

Felix Gray

Gunnar Optics

Pixel Eyewear

Blue Shark Optics

I hope you found the information in this article to be useful. Don't forget to follow us on YouTube for all the latest videos that help you take care of your eyes.

Thanks! Have an awesome day!

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