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Smith Optics Attack Max

Fall/Winter 2018

Smith Attack Max White
Smith Attack Max Matte Jade
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Smith Attack Max White
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I'm no Tour de France pro, nor am I a hardcore hobbyist that rides 10+ hours a week just for fun, I'm a regular person that rides primarily for commuting to work and occasionally I get together with friends to ride and enjoy each other's company.

I'm rarely on the open road, traveling in a peloton, with nothing in my way except the rider in front of me.  My riding environment consists of city bike lanes, foggy morning rides, avoiding cars, pedestrians and potholes.  I need glasses that are going to keep the wind out of my eyes and provided optimal visual performance.  I found all of these features in the Attack Max sunglasses from Smith Optics.

In this review I'll tell you about why I believe these glasses are great for every rider, regardless of skill level or riding environment.


At just 32 grams, these glasses are lighter than your standard casual wear sunglass.  The size was a good fit for my big head and the flex in the temples made the glasses feel secure, not tight.  Just as a reference for those of you that wear prescription glasses, my Rx frames are usually 56mm and these Attack Max frames fit my head just fine.

The nose pads have 2 position that you can quickly adjust in order to accommodate your bridge.

Photo Sep 27, 8 15 47 AM.jpg

Another great feature on the bridge is the material of the pads themselves.  The Megol material provides excellent grip at all times but one of the unique characteristics of this material is that it actually grips better once your body starts to heat up and perspire.  The temples also have the Megol material, creating a secure fit that you'll enjoy on your ride from start to finish. 

Watch The Video Review

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The Shields

If you've never looked through a set of Chromapop lenses, you owe it to yourself to do so ASAP.  Smith's Chromapop technology enhances your visual enjoyment by enhancing colors and contrast, which when combined, provides you vibrant and stunning visual quality . 


The enhancements and contrast will depend on the color being used.  For example, the Red Mirror shield is dark with a brown undertone which is great for diminishing light intensity while enhancing the green on trees and the blue of the sky.

The Green Mirror, also quite dark, has a grey color with a blue undertone which also reduces brightness while enhancing the various shades of blue in the sky and water.

The Chromapop Contrast Rose is ideal for low light conditions.  If you know from the start that you'll be in low light then start off with the Rose shield but if you're going in and out of different light conditions then leave the darker shield on, they are better for that scenario.

You'll have one dark and one Contrast Rose with each set of Attack Max glasses.  If you find yourself wanting more options you can buy the shields separately for around $80 each.

Assembly/Lens Swap

When you open the case you'll find the Attack Max in 4 pieces; 2 Mag temples and 2 shields.  The Magol nose pad is mounted onto the dark shield by default but you can easily remove it by pinching them together.

Either shield that you decide to go with is ready to have the temples mounted without any hassle.  Just slip the temples onto the designated mount and you'll hear a click when the temple has locked on.  Removing the temples is just as easy.  Simply lower the temple down as if you were going to close them and you'll see the Mag hinge release.  Now just slip the temple off and your ready to either store the temples back in the case or mount them onto another shield.

In Conclusion:

Commuter and casual riders don't always think about investing in a good set of cycling glasses but once you do, you'll regret not getting them sooner.  You'll feel safer, more motivated and you'll enjoy your ride much more.  Smith Attack Max glasses are a great set of glasses that are well worth the investment.  Enjoy your ride!

About the author

Oliver has worked in the eye care industry for over 15 years.  He loves spending time with his family, playing music and watching the Golden State Warriors.

Oliver is the founder of Eye Influence

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