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Prospek Computer Glasses by Spektrum

Original Review Date: May 16, 2018

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The computer eyewear market got crowded real quick.  With options galore, how can anyone stand out anymore?  Well, while composing a comparison of the "Best Computer Glasses Under $40" I discovered Spektrum Glasses and I must tell you, they stood out to me right away.


I ordered 3 of the most popular computer glasses on Amazon in order to do the comparison and the Spektrum Pro model glasses happened to be one of them.

I was so impressed by the quality of the anti-glare coating, the minimal color on the lens and the frame build that I decided to see if this carried over into their other products.  I was able to get my hands on a couple more models and here is what I found.


The Frames:

Along with the Pro model, I received the Artist and the Dynamic.  The Artist has a trendy round shape with the always popular tortoise shell color.  I wish it came in a few other colors because I really like the shape.  The color of the tortoise is just a bit too spotty for me.

The temples are flexible and the bridge has a universal fit; this extra support comes in handy if you have a flat bridge.


The real surprise came when I opened the box that contained the Dynamic frame.  I was expecting it to be made with the same type of plastic as the Pro and Artist but to my surprise it was slightly better.  I don't say that to put the other two down but I felt a noticable difference right away.

The frame was just a little heavier but that's as the result of some serious upgrades.  Instead of just having flexible plastic in the temples, the Dynamic has metal temples with an actually spring hinge.  It has a metallic grey finish on the front with gold accents on the temples that give it a refined and more "expensive" look and feel. 


The temple tips can be easily adjusted without the need to warm the plastic like you would on the Pro and Artist models.  It also keeps the same universal fit bridge so it going to fit well and look cool too.

Lens Quality:

As I mentioned earlier, the Spektrum Pro won the "Best Computer Glasses Under $40" comparison and the anti-glare coating was one of the features that really made it stand out.  I can tell you that the quality of the coating and the minimal amount of color on the lens continues on the other models.


I'm personally not a fan of the noticeable amber tint that is sometimes found on computer glasses.  The lenses Spektrum lenses are virtually clear and I wore them around my office without anyone saying "what wrong with your lenses?"  That's a win for me.  I'd rather people notice the frames than the color of the lenses; especially if you're talking to people all day like I am.


Your Own Prescription:

Here is where Spektrum is finding its niche; you can have your own prescription mounted into their frames with their unique computer lenses!  According to their website, it should only cost you around $90 + tax to get a new frame and custom lenses.


Areas That Need Improvement:

  • Frame Selection: With only 7 unique styles (computer glasses), They're may not be something for everyone in terms of styles.

  • Frame Colors: They did the right thing by starting with colors considered "safe" but hopefully we see the Artist and Dynamic models in a few more color choices soon.

  • Frame Information: I don't see the lens, bridge and temple sizes anywhere.  People are shopping online, information like this is very important.

  • Prescription Ordering: I tried to place an order for prescription lenses and I found that the order form forced me to place a number for the Axis.  That's only used when someone has Astigmatism and it could frustrate people during that step.  I'm sure this is a quick fix.


In Conclusion: 

Overall, I think Spektrum offers a great product.  Their frames and lenses are made well and I'm not just judging them according to their price point.  I see a bright future for Spektrum.  I hope they continue to grow their frame options and brand.  I like what I see so far.  (no pun intended)

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Oliver has worked in the eye care industry for over 15 years.  He loves spending time with his family, playing music and watching the Golden State Warriors.

Oliver is the founder of Eye Influence

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